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     RINGPOL product line was created as a response to the still increasing demand of the home and European market  of playground equipment for children. Safety , reliability and our long time experience incorporated in attractive form, arousing interests of architects, investors and companies specializing in building playgrounds.

      Being aware of the fact that a satisfied client is a guarantee of effective function and further development of our company, our priory is raising standards connected with safety and protection of the children using our playground devices.

      While preparing our product we try to use new technological solutions to work the best offer guided to our clients. Unusual until now using polyurethane covering on the wooden elements of the constructions provides:

  • an additional protection of wood against harmful weather conditions,
  • secures from appearing deep cracks and chipping splinters,
  • gives an attractive and individual look,
  • effectively protects the wood against aging,
  • anti-slip cover on the platforms and gangways allows children to play safely even when it rains, as it is permeable for water.

At the stage of designing of playground equipments our designers wanted to create the line of products which allow unlimited and infinitive number of compositions, adjusted to individual ideas of architects and investors. As the result of our works appeared the modular system of connected elements that form the particular playground devices.

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