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Modular system of playground devices


The elements of ringpol system are composed like jigsaw puzzles

The playground equipment is element of street furniture, that is why starting work to arrange the place bound to be a playground designers often use the natural surrounding of that place: terrain, plants and scenery. The devices should be not only functional but also adaptive to the surrounding scenery.

When using ready- made equipment it is often impossible because during the process of designing there appear additional obstacles like installations hidden under the ground, which do not always appear on the used maps.
At the same time, it is required that the places where children play are safe which is assured thank to the compliance with the standard PN EN 1176:2009.
The elements of the playground equipment which meet the requirements of the designers, are willingly chosen by the clients and at the same time in accordance with safety requirements should give a various number of arrangements. That is why we decided to design a complete set of devices and write clear rules defining the way of fixing them in sets. The list of devices and instructions of fixing the sets in order to be safe due to fixed rules makes a '' system''.


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